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Do your bit for the world – and your wallet!

If you’re lucky enough to have a reticulation system in your home, you’ll know how much easier maintaining a garden can be. At the flick of a switch, your entire property can be well-watered to remain luscious and green all summer long.

Reticulation can be an incredibly effective way to save water – but only if it’s up-to-date, fully functional and utilized correctly. Read on to find out how you can save our most precious resource with your own home reticulation system!

Remove all obstructions

It’s vital to ensure nothing is covering the sprinkler head. If your sprinklers were installed a long time ago, there’s a chance that bushes and foliage could have grown over the watering station. To prevent blocking the sprinkler and therefore wasting water, make sure all your sprinkler heads are clear.

Reposition away from concrete

It’s a little-known fact that watering concrete is illegal under the WA water restrictions! You may not be doing it on purpose though. Check your sprinklers to make sure most of the water lands in soil or lawn that requires watering. If a significant amount of water is ending up on your back patio, garden path or front porch, it might be an idea to readjust the range.

Install rain switches and weather sensors

If your reticulation system is set on a timer, one of the best ways to save water is to install a weather sensor. If the reticulation system is alerted to rain, the sprinklers will not turn on. Rain sensors can easily be wired up to your irrigation controller – just reach out to Retic Repair Man.

Repair faults quickly

Reticulation component breakdown can be one of the biggest causes of wasted water. A sprinkler that won’t turn off properly will certainly crank up your water bill and contribute to hundreds of litres of waste. By checking your retic system regularly, repairing faults and employing preventative maintenance you can save a great deal of water.

Check the sprinkler run time

As the Water Corporation writes, ‘most irrigation systems can be reduced by 2 minutes per station and still maintain a healthy garden’. You will need to check what type of sprinklers you have and adjust accordingly.

If you’re serious about saving water, Retic Repair Man is your reticulation maintenance professional. We can perform general maintenance, fault-finding, sprinkler and controller repairs, system upgrades, extensions, automatic conversions and much more.

Reach out to Retic Repair Man today to have your retic problems solved. For the quickest response during business hours please phone Andrew directly on 0419 698 526, or email!

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