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Locating and Repairing Broken Wires

Most wiring in reticulation systems is buried underground. For that reason, it’s pretty hard to spot when you need to make repairs!

You may not even know what’s wrong with your reticulation system due to the nature of the underground hardware.

Overgrown gardens and garden structures can also conceal or partially conceal the reticulation wire and solenoid housings.

While some newer homes might have a mud map available indicating the location of solenoid valves and wires, older reticulation installations likely will not.

Retic Repair Man has worked on hundreds of homes just like these. That’s why we’re the go-to skilled labour for the location and repair of broken reticulation wires.

If you need an experienced professional to locate faulty wiring in your retic system, reach out to Retic Repair Man.

Understanding Master Valves
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