Getting Your Retic Ready for Summer

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Say goodbye to grey skies and hello to sunshine, the rainy days of September have passed and now the weather is heating up in preparation for summer. While we’re sure everyone has just got the beach on their mind, it’s time to check our irrigation systems to ensure that they’re just as ready for the heat as we are!

It’s common to find some issues when checking over your reticulation system. We’re not all irrigation experts, and most people don’t have the time or tools to find the root cause of their retic problems. For many, it’s hard to know where to start, which is why we’ve prepared some advice on what to look for when giving your retic its annual check-up!

What’s the issue?
Some of the most common issues found when getting an irrigation system back up and running include:
• Broken and/or clogged sprinkler heads
• Solenoid valves not functioning as intended
• Leaking sprinkler heads
• Faulty controllers
• Poor water pressure
• Zones not working

Here’s how to start
Begin by switching on your reticulation system to run a test cycle. During the test cycle, look at each sprinkler head and ask yourself:
• Is water coming out of every sprinkler head?
• Does the water pressure look right for each sprinkler?
• Does there seem to be any leaks?
• Are there any zones in the garden where the retic is not working?

Once the cycle is finished, take a look at the controller and check:
• Did the cycle run for the correct amount of time?
• Are my watering days programmed into the controller?

So, what now?
Most people can identify their retic problems with relative ease, but when it comes to fixing those issues without full confidence, it’s often far more cost effective to call in a professional.

At Retic Repair Man, we have over 35 years of experience in irrigation maintenance and repairs. The chances are that we have seen and diagnosed your retic issue many times before – and whilst there will be an expense involved, we pride ourselves on providing high quality, low-cost solutions.

For a quote, give us a call today on 0419 698 526 or email

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